Drone detects heartbeat and breathing rates

Researchers at the University of South Australia have developed drones that can remotely measure heart and breathing rates.

Image-processing systems combined with specially created algorithms allow the drones to detect vital signs in several people at once, while they are moving.

The drones could be deployed in nursing homes, on hospital wards and in war zones.

One expert said it could be "game-changing".

The system detects movements in human faces and necks in order to accurately source heart and breathing rates. In trials, the drones took measurements from a distance of three metres but could be advanced to take them from much further away.

"The drone will single out each person automatically and provide a trace for each individual as to where their heart rate and breathing rate is," said project supervisor Prof Javaan Chahl.

"A lot of environments are hostile so a drone is the safest option - places like the ocean require drones in order to gain access to people in trouble quickly and safely.

"There's also situations in clinical settings where you wouldn't really think it's worth having electrodes and instruments to monitor patients, but if you can just have a camera do it, you may be able to put instrumentation where you wouldn't normally put it."

Car accidents

The research grew out of a desire to find a non-contact sensor to replace electrodes that were used in developing countries to detect vital signs in newborn babies and could lead to infections.

Ravi Vaidyanathan, robotics lecturer at Imperial College London, said it was a "fascinating" use of drones.

"It seems to be a clever application of technology that is already around and is something that will be very welcome in remote places where there is a need for information on health. If a drone can do it without contact, that is potentially game-changing.

"Obviously further testing in a range of environments is needed but there are a lot of long-term uses for it, such as in a car accident to monitor vital signs while the ambulance is on its way."

The team has yet to have commercial interest, but Prof Chahl said it would only take "one good conversation with an industry partner who has an idea and we could be seeing this come to life in months."



How police catch drones

After spray painting his drone black, and taping over its lights, south Londoner Daniel Kelly probably thought he had a good chance of getting away with flying his now-stealthy drone into a prison yard.

So in the early hours of 25 April last year, he flew the cheap, Chinese-made quadcopter, with what police believe was a package of contraband – tobacco and possibly legal highs – attached to a hook beneath it, over the wall of Swaleside jail on the Isle of Sheppey, in Kent.

Unfortunately, he overestimated his chances: he ended up jailed for 14 months, becoming the first person in Britain to be locked up under legislation that punishes such behaviour.

But Kelly isn’t alone. He’s just one amongst many people worldwide who have discovered the potential that low-cost consumer drones have for illegal activities.

Drone forensics
Even if a drone has been destroyed, police can find the pilot with information in the 'digital ecosystem' to which the drone is connected, via devices like phones (Credit: Getty)
And now, investigators are launching new forensic intelligence forces of detectives to get to the bottom of drone-related crimes.

Whether it is flying illicit goods into forbidden places, spying on people, interrupting the work of the emergency services or worrying wild animals or aircraft, the threat they present is growing. Just a couple weeks ago, for instance, a drone forced five flights at London's Gatwick Airport to be diverted.

How can a criminal pilot be identified when, say, only a drone is found at a crime scene?

Identifying the pilots of remotely-controlled drones is not always easy. Drones are cheap, easy to fly, and widely available to consumers nowadays. Plus, governments are struggling to legislate fast enough to keep pace with burgeoning criminal possibilities.

That’s why more police forces are turning to drone forensics teams: it might sound like the TV programme CSI, but it’s a growing trend of more detectives whose jobs it is to track down flyers of rogue drones.

The rise of drone detectives

Just a few months ago, it was announced that the UK Prison Service and police are pooling resources to stop drone pilots from flying drugs and other contraband into British prisons, with reports suggesting that £3m could be spent on the new task force.

There’s a reason drone activity has piqued the interest of law enforcement. Drones deliver much more than drugs to jailbirds: they've been used to fly in mobile phones, hacksaw blades, knives, Sim cards, USB drives and DVD players. Not to mention they can fly over walls and barriers, complicating the operations of institutions ranging from government buildings to airports.

This makes the identification of the drone pilot crucial for law enforcement.

While Kelly's case was rare in that the pilot, the drone and the smartphone/controller combination used to operate it were all captured together. And the drone contained valid flight data that had not been erased or otherwise tampered with.

But how can a criminal pilot be identified when, say, only a drone is found at a crime scene? Or when only fragments from wreckage are found? Or when only a controller or phone is found, or when police have a likely pilot suspect but no drone?

This is where the drone detectives come in.

Drone forensics
Law enforcement agencies around the world are scrambling to keep up with drone technology so they can better piece together clues in drone-related crimes (Credit: Getty)
Tying the digital and physical facets of drone flight to a human pilot is not easy. This has led to a perception that, with drones controlled wirelessly from a distance, often unseen, it's an easy crime to get away with. Drones are cheap, after all, and can be abandoned if the flyer fears arrest.

But just as investigators only began to understand the enormous forensic resource that mobile phones represent around the turn of the century, the tougher challenges of drone forensics are now quietly beginning to be met, too.

It isn’t in the bulky device itself. It’s the fact that it’s part of a complex digital ecosystem.

All these issues are adding up to a need for more investigative tools, says James Mackler, an attorney specialising in drone litigation at Mackler Law Firm in Nashville, Tennessee.

"Drone forensics are becoming increasingly important as more drones take to the air. Civilian commercial drones are now being used by terrorist organisations and the fact that they are being weaponised makes forensics all the more critical." He knows the risks more than most: he’s a former US Army helicopter pilot who flew missions alongside military drones in Iraq.

The need for drone-specific law enforcement extends to civilian safety, too. Crowds at football matches, concerts and protest marches have been regularly buzzed and endangered, too. At Seattle's 2016 Pride parade, for instance, a woman suffered concussion after a drone smashed into a building and dropped on her.

And, of course, the drone's potential for invasion of privacy is profound, leading some people to shoot them down with all the risks public firearms use entails. Indeed, that has led to Mackler attempting to clarify drone airspace law after one of his clients had his drone shot down by a neighbour – and a federal judge let the shooter get away with it. It’s not clear in US law, Mackler says, where a householder’s airspace ends and FAA-governed civilian airspace begins.

Unlocking the system

So how will authorities catch any drone-flying criminals?

The secret isn’t in the bulky device itself, says David Kovar, a digital investigator and cybersecurity consultant based near Boston, Massachusetts. It’s the fact that it’s part of a complex digital ecosystem.

This “ecosystem” includes peripheral devices like smartphones, controllers, and sensors that collect data like GPS position and crash analysis data from accelerometers, compass heading, and video images. And metadata in the video will reveal where shots were taken, including altitude.

So investigators do actually have a lot to go on forensically, Kovar says, even if they don't have all the physical components. After all, a drone may crash and fracture into pieces, or only a remote may be recovered at the scene.

"But of them all, the biggest source of information is the mobile device, the phone or tablet," Kovar says. And investigators are well versed in pulling those apart.

But here’s the challenge: it is a diverse marketplace. Each drone has its own digital quirks.

Different drones use different operating systems, so analysts need to be well-versed in each

How does the drone in question store flight data? How long does it store the latitude and longitude coordinates of where it was launched from? What data from the pilot's phone-based control app ends up stored in the drone too? Plus, different drones use different operating systems, so analysts need to be well-versed in each.

Sometimes the makers unwittingly help forensics teams: one drone model injects the user’s flight control app login and password – unencrypted or "in the clear" in tech jargon – on the drone. This means officers can simply log into a copy of the app and examine a user's flight video and records in cases where a crashed or dumped drone is found at a crime scene and there is no trace of the pilot.

But sometimes entire drones are found intact, too.

"We have already been involved in the forensic analysis of drones recovered in prisons, or found crashed by police forces and the Ministry of Defence," says Michael May, managing director of FlyThru Limited of Huddersfield, a commercial drone operator in the UK. "They need to find out why they were there and we can comment forensically on whatever we can find on them, whether it is on the flight log data in the drone itself, or the DNA and fingerprints on it."

A drone's rotors are reasonably sharp edged and retain traces of skin cells, he says, so they can sometimes retrieve DNA. And there are parts like the SD cards – for storing video – and batteries where users can leave fingerprints as they insert them.

It all sounds done and dusted, but some expert drone users are pretty clued up about hiding data.




Drone detectives
More drones have been flown around highly sensitive government buildings, from the White House in the US to the Prime Minister's office in Japan (Credit: Getty)
So Graeme Horsman, a computer scientist and digital investigator at the University of Sunderland, took apart one cheap drone and found that there are a number of tricks a user could play to obscure where the drone has flown. He found it was possible to mask a drone's flightlog by turning off certain phone settings. He could also force the drone to store a fake location for the pilot's launch point.

A drone's rotors are reasonably sharp edged and retain traces of skin cells, so they can sometimes retrieve DNA

In other words, it’s easy for a drone pilot up to no good to cover their tracks.

Even by wrapping aluminium cooking foil around the GPS antenna, Horsman created a Faraday cage – or radio wave absorber – that prevented the drone logging its flight.

But it’s easy for that heavily protected digital data to vanish in thin air, even if the drone find its way into the hands of the authorities.

Turning a found drone off, or simply plugging in a USB cable, can cause data to be overwritten - and moving it can similarly overwrite GPS data. It all means it's vital to understand each popular drone before mishandling it or attempting forensics, Horsman says. "There are a lot of variables, so every drone investigation will be different."

Kovar says drones are already being seized for analysis: "Law enforcement seized a protester's drone at the North Dakota pipeline protests. I do not know who is doing the analysis of that drone. The drone that landed on the White House lawn was certainly analysed. And I know that people on the intelligence side are analysing drones captured from Isis on the battlefield."

What’s most foreboding, however? Experts agree: we haven’t seen the worst criminals and terrorists can do with drones. That’s why being able to identify the pilot is becoming more pressing.

"The worrying thing is that some of our drone platforms can carry 15kg (32lb) payloads. That's a hell of a lot. Terrorists could switch from using truck bombs to ones they trigger from above," May says. He warns that some could even fly international missions as drone range increases. It's even possible a bioweapon – like anthrax – could be dispersed by a drone.

"This is an emerging technology and we cannot predict the number of dodgy ways drones are going to be used in future,” says Horsman. “I think we are going to be constantly surprised at what people do with them - it's only limited by the imagination of the criminal."

Spray-painted drones, with taped over lights, look like being the very least of our problems.

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Drone Innovation

Drone Innovation May Finally Take Off in America
Trump is opening the skies to robotic aircraft. The White House has launched a new program to expand testing of drones, which means states and local governments will now be able to seek sweeping Federal Aviation Administration approval to allow drone flights over people, at night and out of sight of an operator. Previously, anyone wishing to use drones in those situations had to seek a waiver from the FAA, which was a long, laborious, and rarely successful edeavor.

The new scheme, in contrast, will allow local officials to gain approval from the FAA to declare large zones, even entire states, open for drone-related experimentation. Clearly that’s good news for firms like Amazon and Google, which have so far had to look overseas to conduct trials that will now be easier to do in America. What’s less clear, as the Washington Post points out, is what communities in drone-friendly states will be able to do if they don't want the aircraft buzzing around overhead.

Disgruntled parties aside, it's good news for American innovation, as it opens up a world of possibilities for experimentation that had been practically off limits. We’ve previously reported that the FAA has been slow to open the skies for drone testing, even while admitting that this sluggishness harms innovation. Now, Trump’s clamor to smash regulations gives the sector a chance to prove its worth.


Plan for Tracking UAVs



The World’s Biggest Drone Maker Has a Plan for Tracking UAVs
There may be an easy way to know which drones you should allow to fly, and which to shoot out of the sky.

Chinese drone manufacturer DJI has developed a new system that it calls AeroScope, which could allow law enforcers to easily identify robotic aircraft as they fly. The technology would allow authorized users, such as the police, to tap some information from the control signals of drones within a three-mile radius. That would provide details such as location, altitude, velocity, origin, and serial number of the drones in the area, allowing authorities to work out whether the aircraft should really be there.

At a launch event today in Washington, D.C., DJI’s VP of policy and legal affairs, Brendan Schulman, told The Vergethat the system is supposed to strike a balance, providing law enforcers with details to help them with their work while also respecting the rights of drone operators. It's a tough line to walk, given the total lack of consensus from aviation regulators in the U.S. govenrment. A panel at the Federal Aviation Administration was supposed to suggest rules on how best to track drones but admitted earlier this month that it couldn’t reach any firm conclusions.

The DJI approach will, obviously, only allow authorities to keep tabs on DJI drones. And until a similar system spreads through the industry, AeroScope alone isn't a whole lot of use. But given that DJI is the world’s biggest supplier of consumer robotic aircraft, there’s a chance that it could set a trend.



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Di seguito vengono presentati alcune applicazioni in ambito civile per gli APR:
Sicurezza territoriale, delle frontiere e lotta ai narcotrafficanti
Gli Stati Uniti nel 2011 hanno iniziato una collaborazione col Messico per arginare il fenomeno dell'immigrazione clandestina e del traffico di sostanze stupefacenti attraverso il loro confine. . Gli APR verranno impiegati per segnalare i movimenti e la forza numerica dei narcotrafficanti, informazioni che vengono subito comunicate agli agenti sul territorio. Volano a 18 000 metri d'altezza, praticamente invisibili da terra, e in un solo giorno possono controllare minuziosamente un'area di circa 100 000 chilometri quadrati. 
Monitoraggio siti Archeologici, contro la depredazione e il commercio illegale di reperti
Chiaro esempio il monitoraggio dell'antichissima necropoli di Fifa (Giordania) ad opera dei Droni. La soluzione valida, considerando anche la difficoltà oggettiva di avere e reperire personale in zone militarmente attive come il Medio Oriente.
Monitoraggio con drone centrali termoelettriche e impianti industriali
Gli APR possono essere utilizzati anche per monitorare nel tempo gli impianti di produzione di energia elettrica, o più in generale impianti industriali, utilizzando sensori (termocamere, camere multispettrali ecc.).
Il telerilevamento, in inglese Remote Sensing, è la disciplina tecnico-scientifica o scienza applicata con finalità diagnostico-investigative che permette di ricavare informazioni, qualitative e quantitative, sull'ambiente e su oggetti posti a distanza da un sensore mediante misure di radiazione elettromagnetica (emessa, riflessa o trasmessa) che interagisce con le superfici fisiche di interesse. Grazie alla possibilità di volare anche a quote molto basse e di disporre di sensori di piccole dimensioni ma di buona qualità, gli APR appartenenti in particolare alla categoria mini possono essere utilizzati per applicazioni legate al telerilevamento quali la creazione di mappe di vigore di colture agricole e monitoraggio dello stato di salute della vegetazione, la creazione di mappe di copertura e uso del suolo, per l'analisi e il supporto nelle fasi immediatamente successive a calamità naturali oppure per il monitoraggio e la mappatura delle dispersioni termiche di edifici (case, capannoni, impianti industriali) privati e pubblici in un periodo, come quello attuale, in cui si parla molto di sviluppo sostenibile e perdita di terreno da destinare ad aree verdi.
Aerofotogrammetria e rilievo dell'architettura
La fotogrammetria è una tecnica di rilievo che permette di acquisire dei dati metrici di un oggetto (forma e posizione) tramite l'acquisizione e l'analisi di una coppia di fotogrammi stereometrici. Con l'avvento delle camere digitali di ridotte dimensioni (compatte o reflex), ma che possono garantire un elevato standard qualitativo relativamente all'immagine prodotta, la fotogrammetria può essere accostata agli APR e al loro utilizzo per la creazione di Modelli digitali del terreno (DTM), produzione ortofoto e, allo stesso tempo, per il rilievo architettonico di infrastrutture ed edifici per la creazione di modelli 3D. 
Monitoraggio ambientale e calamità naturali
Gli APR possono essere utilizzati per il monitoraggio con drone degli animali selvatici e il controllo numerico periodico per quelle specie con un alto tasso di riproduzione che potrebbero essere un problema sia per la biodiversità dell'ambiente in cui vivono sia per quanto riguarda i danni economici causati alle produzioni agricole e zootecniche presenti sul territorio.
Operazioni di ricerca e soccorso
I droni possono svolgere un ruolo importante nelle operazioni di ricerca e soccorso consentendo di effettuare delle ricognizioni in tempi rapidi, in particolare a seguito del verificarsi di situazioni di emergenza.


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Videoriprese e fotografie ispezioni fotogrammetria e termografia in generale




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